In order for this sporting event to occur at its best, we also need help the day before and after the races. And do not hesitate to talk about the Désalpe Reichenbach around you : friend, family, collegues, by sharing it on social networks, and so on. To thank you for your availabilty, you will be welcomed with a smile and receive :

  • A T-shirt of the event giving the right to get a meal / drinks the day of the race at the village of departure and arrival. 

  • A voucher for public transports in between Martigny and Emosson. 

  • An invitation for the volunteer Dinner.

We are looking forward to be able to count on you and to live this beautiful and exciting experience alltogether ! 

If you are interested, it is easy. Please fill out the form below or write directly to Florine Pignat, volunteer manager, at florine.pignat@ladesalpereichenbach.ch.

To make this day a success, we need YOU ! Register online and join our team of volunteers.