La DésalPe

Goal and vision

La Désalpe Reichenbach - a non-profit association

Originally from the Martigny area, Sébastien Reichenbach whose vision is to further develop cyclo tourism in the canton of Valais while supporting the charitable Association ELA Switzerland, of which he is one of the sponsors.

Quite naturally, the idea came to him to organize an authentic, familial cycling-vent, whose earnings would be redistributed to ELA Switzerland. The cycling event “la Désalpe Reichenbach” is thus an invitation from Sébastien Reichenbach to come and discover the soul of the Vallée du Trient, to have fun during a sporty day while supporting a cause. This day will be placed under the label of sharing. 

A dynamic organizing Committee has been established around the professional cycle racer, Sébastien Reichenbach, in order to develop a new kind of cyclosportive race. Organized as a nonprofit Association, the CO is composed of passionate people of the “petite reine”, willing to develop cycling in Valais.

Sébastien Reichenbach was born on 28t May 1989 in Martigny. After being successful in the different swiss amateur clubs, he has become professional in 2013 within the IAM cycling team. An excellent experience that allowed him to pursue his international career. Racing for the team FDJ, he is nowadays a centrepiece of this team, as a lieutenant for his leader Thibaut Pinot.

Sébastien has always carried on his bike as in his daily life, values of work, of renunciation, of simplicity and reliability. Humble in success and passionate by his sport, he is considered as one of the best swiss cycling racers and as a first-class team-mate within the professional peloton.

The Désalpe Reichenbach is an important moment of his 2018 season, a long-awaited opportunity to share his passions with a substantial community of fans in his region.